Monthly Archives: 5月 2016

the flare the HIATUS – The Flare
broccoli the HIATUS – Broccoli
the-reason-why the reason why の意味、使い方、例文
happy_friday I hear (that) の意味、使い方、例文
pass out Pass out の意味、使い方、例文
the-doldrums Fall Out Boy – Bang The Doldrums
under_control ELLEGARDEN – Under Control
icymi ICYMI[In case you missed it] の意味、使い方、例文
asap ASAP[As soon as possible] の意味、使い方、例文
accidnet accident の意味、使い方、例文
disaster disaster の意味、使い方、例文
mix up Mix-up の意味、使い方、例文
contribute contribute の意味、使い方、例文
iswear swear の意味、使い方、例文
cascada Cascada – Everytime We Touch