FML the best of the worstまとめ

FML the best of the worstまとめ

Today,my husband was walking down the street with his hand completely covered in melted chocolate,licking it licking it like a buffoon.


so its d worst bday i ever had shudve spent it wid frendz! so my hubby promised hell take me shopping & hell spend more tym wid me so we went out of town i waited 4 him 2 make a move(or maybe i xpected 2 much) / waited 4 him 2 surprise me. i was so pissed coz he spent 3 days gamblin &i got nuthn


bday : birthday = 誕生日
shudve : should have
wid : widow = 未亡人
frendz : friends = 友達
tym : thank you much


Today, my little brothers goldfish died and just so happens today i also have the nastty bubbly poops, well no one told me it was in the toilet while i let loose. it looked like a proper burial to me.




  • I love reading these articles because they’re short but inefimatrvo.